Ode to Life

Many hated the glory. Immortality was hated by none.

The unconscious urge to die is what we simply call the sudden and abrupt drop of life span. What you probably don’t know is that it affects nmore than the body and that old age is totally something else.

The stress factors that come along are hidden within the stress of everyday life.
Fears, worries, specific negative beliefs about oneself and the world are some of the main reasons that can build a subconscious love towards death. This translates into collateral losses in your lives: relationships, finances, ownerships, health, etc.

If you feel:

you oppose yourself
in recession
that you can’t find the light at the end of the tunnel
that you are emotionally and financially drained
that your health has been compromised
that you are disconnected from yourself and others

Then you might be pleased to know there is


Know your mindset and the way it might work against you
Get techniques to help you sustain longevity
Restore your immunity
Build your self-esteem
Reclaim being in your core
Fall in love again with life
Face your fears, turn them into allies
Manage life and its difficulties in the best possible way
Rebuild your finances
Expand in life
Have the courage to promote your dreams

As this seminar is a step towards mastery of Conscious Breathing, you will have the opportunity to:

learn to use the Breathwork technique on you
learn to use the Breathwork technique on others
delve into the real reasons for your behavioral characteristics and habits
recognize your lowest point – before you reach it
learn to rise in life before it’s too late
inspire others to sustain life
inspire others to be their true selves

hair cover for the shower
respirator / mask
Beach towel
flip flops
hiking shoes / sports shoes
a notebook and
a pen
comfortable clothes – handy

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30 Jun 2024 - 04 Jul 2024


All Day