Healing the Unconcius Death Urge

Fame was fought by many. Immortality by none.The Unconscious Death Urge is what we call in simple terms the life span drop that occurs.  What you probably don`t know is that it does not need aging to occur, and it does not affect the physical body only. Take a look at the global situation and you would not find a better moment to work on this issue, as the collective unconscious death urge has come to form a peak. Life needs just enough warmth to be sustained, and not so much so it can cause burnout. The balance can be tricky at times and it might feel like you are going through ice and fire.The stress factors that lead to a life drop are in everyday life and mostly within ourselves.Fears, anxieties, specific negative beliefs for the self and the world are some of the major reasons that can build a subconscious liking towards death. This translates as collateral damage in our life:Relationships ending, finances depleting, devices breaking down, health collapses, etc.If you feel:

  • unlike yourself
  • at a downhill
  • run-down
  • that you can’t find the light at the end of the tunnel
  • depleted emotionally and financially
  • your health has been compromised
  • disconnected from yourself and everyone
  • and many more

it is good you know there is


  • Get acquainted with your mindset and how it works against you
  • acquire techniques to help you survive in every way
  • build your immunity up and
  • self-esteem
  • win back your own unique self
  • fall in love again and again
  • face your fears
  • manage your life in the best possible way
  • start building your finances again
  • stretch out in life
  • become courageous to sustain life
  • connect with your higher self
  • and a lot more!

As this seminar is a stepping stone towards Breath Mastery you will have the opportunity to:learn to use the Breathwork technique on you

  • learn to use the Breathwork technique on others
  • go deeper into your own personal behavioral traits and habits
  • recognize your lowest point before you reach it
  • learn to ascend back to life before it is too late
  • inspire others to sustain life
  • inspire others to be their true selves


  • earplugs
  • shower cap
  • snorkel/goggles
  • bathing suit
  • beach towel
  • jandals
  • sunglasses
  • trekking shoes/sports shoes
  • a notebook and
  • a pen
  • comfortable clothes


Starting at 6 pm on Friday evening and finishing at 6 pm on Sunday.


  • 790 euros BEFORE September 30
  • 890 euros AFTER September 30
  • If you have already undergone training: 690
  • Repeaters: 550

The program covers the training fees, material handed out, snacks, meals, and accommodation in a shared room in a Villa beautifully located in a pristine area of Mykonos overlooking the Aegean sea.

The event is finished.


15 - 17 Oct 2021


All Day




+30 6943655097

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