The Birth Experience

What really does happen when a soul decides to be born? The birth experience is miraculous. Birth is the miracle of life itself. It is proof that the universe is the source of all there is. The bringing forth of new life into the world is the hymn of evolution, the fusion of all into one and the transition and transformation of energy into matter.

From the pre-verbal experience to prenatal bliss, the baby passes to the no exit terror and from there to the birth canal, usually in a manner which is violent as a physical experience. Some examples: Tongs, forceps or other surgical tools, the effect of anaesthesia, and or the epidural spine injection, the birth experience spells trauma for the baby.

Birth 2

Repressed Birth Trauma

The physical experiences of birth connect and carry their imprint into your emotional and mental state. As you grow, you tend to push this experience back where it is stored in your long-term memory and ‘forgotten’ or put in ‘sleep-mode”. However, after these experiences are shut away, situations and events in life will trigger the memories and cause moments of physical, emotional or mental pain.

The surfacing of these repressed memories can create patterns of behaviour and repetitive experiences throughout your life that leads you to believe they are real and are happening to you.

Some examples:

  • you feel responsible for everything and everyone in your life
  • you are aware of your inability to (ever) complete projects
  • you feel that a power outside of yourself directs your life
  • relationships with others leave you feeling confused
  • you expect others to help you solve your issues
  • you feel addicted to certain behaviours
  • you find it difficult to adjust to change
  • life is an endless struggle for survival
  • it seems like life is passing you by
  • you find it difficult to find love
  • you feel vulnerable and afraid

Birth trauma stretches its influence throughout your life and is further affected by the type of birth you experienced.

Birth 1

Birth Types

The birth experience can be the source of the formulation of our thinking, feeling and behaving throughout our lives.

Facts speak for themselves –

• when we deal with the same situations over and over again, and there is no progress,
• when all is perfect but something unexpected turns everything upside down.
• when some people make us feel uncomfortable and weird, and
• when there are certain situations that infuriate us,
• when we face resistance and lack of flow,

It is then we know that our birth trauma patterns have been activated.

Birth Conclusions

The Rebirthing process is a spiritual purification process that provides an opportunity to achieve freedom from your past. Past meaning your assumptions that come from your birth – the taste and sensation of the entire experience and how you have recorded and registered these memories and their meaning as individuals.

The birthing process deeply imprints emotional and mental effects in cellular memory and until these memories are released through such processes as Rebirthing Breathwork, they will inhibit life-long pursuits of well-being, joy and healthy development.


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