Matoula Piscopani

Overcoming any life experience on this human journey is best achieved when there is honest conversation, heart-to-heart listening and unconditional love.

Hello! Welcome! My name is Matoula Piskopani, owner of Rebirthing Breathwork. Rebirthing Breathwork is both a spiritual and scientific technique that uses the breath to help healing and personal growth for you. It might be hard to believe that Something so simple as the breath can result in powerful experiences that change your life in “wow” kinds of ways. But I am here to tell you it is true….because I have experienced the miracles of the breath through Breathwork in my own healing life path.

My personal progress and life experience…

My personal progress and life experience with Breathwork puts me in a position to support you to the extent you want. In my many years of working with clients, this work bridges a beautiful relationship like nothing else I have used. I believe this: We are all human beings with weaknesses and vulnerabilities and it is that fact that allows me to be able to support others in their journey to healing. I have been there many times and I understand lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, overcoming difficulties, getting stuck in the potholes of life and finding the courage to emerge from deep fear. I also know, through my Breathwork experiences what it means to thrive and be fully alive, wholly grateful and to reconnect with laughter and joy in life.

What do clients take away ?

At first, some of my clients don’t want to let go into the process. They resist and struggle with the breathing or the music etc. Yet, when they do finally let go and allow their own sweet breath to lead the way – the rewards are immense! “Where did this all come from ?” is often the way people respond after a breathwork session …they are astounded at the experience and often feel relaxed, at peace and joyful. Days after, the insights and wisdom begin to work miracles in their lives as change starts to happen for them. I am always guided to work with you by the questions you ask me, and the issues you want to explore. I am committed to providing you a Safe, respectful environment for your process so you can enjoy the rewards in yourself and in your life that you breath can provide.

I have 15+ years experience as a Breathwork facilitator and trainer and am part of the International Breathwork Foundation. I show you, my international clientele how your breath is a miracle that can release your barriers to living life in a positive and uplifting way, no matter what is going on.
Learn from me how your breath and rebirthing breathwork experiences are powerful sources for joy in a love-centered life.

About Matoula

My greatest joy is to provide love and support to others. My own life experiences and journey are not unlike anyone else’s, which is why my clients find me so relatable, approachable and compassionate. Along the way I have learned that smiles and tears are the language of the heart and it is only through the heart that things can change. I am a nurturing presence for your healing journey who walks beside you, not ahead of you.

Born in Athens, Hellas (Greece), I moved to Mykonos Island in 1996 where I became an enthusiastic participant in community activities and artistic pursuits. My life-long esoteric journey has generated multiple career paths, many challenges and profound life learning that has built a rich and expansive foundation for my current profession as a Breathwork/Rebirthing facilitator and trainer.

Over the past 15 years, I have honed my skills and capabilities as a Reiki Master, Channeller, as well as an experienced guide in meditation and Holotropic Rebirthing Breathwork techniques. In addition to pursuing my studies in Psychology, I have worked with leading people in the Breathwork profession such as John Stamoulos, Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr, who all have added value to my work.

I have been a tireless supporter of the Breathwork process since the early 2000s when I organized the first Breathwork/Rebirther Training in Greece. I am also the first Greek member of the International Breathwork Foundation and currently serve as their National Representative for Greece. I am a past member of the NZAB (Association of Breathworkers, New Zealand) where I lived for six years. In my capacity as a professional Breathworker I organize seminars, conducts group and private Breathwork sessions and delivers programs and trainings worldwide.

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“Matoula has changed the lives of many people for the better by her rebirthing sessions and by organizing seminars for teachers like myself. She is a real blessing.”

Sondra Ray, Founder of the Loving Relationships Training
“Matoula is a pioneer for her time – I find her to be an amazing leader and wonderful big hearted being – committed 100% to this wonderful work of Breathwork/Rebirthing. I find her to be inspiring, motivating and a lot of fun to be with. Her warmth and compassion go beyond words. Matoula has assisted and travelled with me to different places around the world and I look forward to working with her lots and lots in the future. I highly recommend Matoula to support you in changing your life with Breathwork!”
John Stamoulos, Breathworker / Rebirther, Trainer, Personal Development Consultant, Consciousness Retreats Facilitator. Adelaide , South Australia