Shamanic Energy Work

Βιωματικό πρόγραμμα

Shamanic healing is a ritual process where a shamanic practitioner helps us reach altered states of consciousness. In that way, we can perceive and interact with the spirit realm channelling transcendental energies into this.

 Ether, Air, Water, Earth and Fire are fundamental parts not only of the universe but also of our body.  All these elements are interconnected in nature and so they are within yourself.  Your body is composed of them and expresses them through your relationship with nature and to the world. Shamanism supports you in to live in equilibrium with the power of the universe in your quest for personal empowerment, finding balance and discovering your authentic self.

In this experiential Shamanic ritual process that derives from the Qero tradition of the Amazon in Peru, you have the opportunity to start stripping off your myths and misconceptions that have kept you from living a fulfilling life with love, health, abundance, and awareness. Allow yourself to enter the world of primal and mysterious forces, encountering wonders you have never thought possible.