What is Soul Cup Reading?

Soul Cup Reading is a powerful, grounding and intuitive method that helps you to discover the course of your actions (past, present and future) and to support you to see how they have shaped your past, are shaping your present or will shape your future.

In a Soul Cup Reading, Matoula connects to the spontaneous flow of information being revealed by the highest power that is present within every individual. This won`t predict your future but it will highlight the subconscious course you have set in your mind to take. Through helping you see your path, Soul Cup Reading can help you choose how to make the change you want in life. Decision-making can become fun, crystal clear and lovingly heart-centred.

Soul Cup Reading is a powerful way to see beyond your future and look straight into your soul.

Soul Cup Reading

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“I can see clearly the situations I am in, the people that surround me and, still, feel calm. I can see a “problem” from many different perspectives and I can receive the value out if it. I become more and more conscious and this gives me the opportunity not to repeat the same mistakes.”
Mary Hatzigianni, Accountant, Kallithea, Hellas

“Matoula is dedicated to her work, she emanates love and has healing laughter. I was helped to come out of ignorance and accept my feelings, reminding myself to listen to my heart.”

Chrysoula Aggelopoulou, Entrepreneur