Breathing is an integral part of life. Conscious breathing creates harmony, as by practising it, oppressed feelings come to the surface and are transmuted into feelings of love. The conscious breathwork technique is simple. You lie down and, through the support of the facilitator, you experience a change in your breathing which connects you to a chain reaction of changes that occur in your lives.

Matoula Piskopani will guide you in a conscious breathing technique in order to support you to discover possible reasons for any dis-ease you might be experiencing in your lives. Through a conscious breathing process you are able to find ways to enhance and re-establish balance in your lives, whether this is in the physical body, in relationships, with finances, with health or within yourselves. When your health is radiant, you shine your light and can be a source of inspiration to others.

Your life is the primary relationship you have with yourselves. If you want to discover how to support your life and self in times of crisis, whether it is mental, psychological, physical or emotional, come join. The results are surprisingly rewarding.

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“The Money Prosperity Consciousness seminar was so enlightening! It gave me so much insight and it made me realize how much I have been blocking my energy in order to have abundance and prosperity in my life.  I recommend this seminar to all and Matoula is a delight and an excellent guide. I thank her with all my heart!”

Dimitra Tsanis, Yoga Instructor, Aegio, Greece

“Matoula has a beautiful energy. I did rebirthing twice with her. It was a very deep experience for me. After my experience I began to realize some of the things which were covered up.”

" " Semin Yalman Yilmaz, Yoga Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey