The Benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork

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There are many reasons, apart from birth trauma, to participate in Rebirthing Breathwork. When conducted under the guidance of a Rebirthing Breathwork therapist, it is a healing and growth-oriented process that helps:

• cope with anxieties and depression along with any other support
• cope with your insecurities and fears by reaching their root
• explore the dynamics of your mind-body relationship
• make peace, harmony and love easier to reach
• one feels like a whole and complete being
• balance your mind, body and emotions
• reach your inner resources and wealth
• make loving changes with less fear
• release tension and stress
• tap into your well being

Breathwork for energy, grief, healing, weight loss, digestion, pain, anger as well as for emotional release and addiction are just a few of the additional benefits that result from working with a trained Rebirthing Breathwork therapist.


Rebirthing Breathwork is an integrated technique that enhances well being in every aspect of life:

• Psychological
• Emotional
• Spiritual
• Physical
• Mental

Some everyday life circumstances where Rebirthing Breathwork can support healing include:

–Specific negative beliefs about one`s self

–Parental disapproval syndrome
-Religious Trauma
-School Trauma
-Past Lives
-Death Urge

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“Just being in Matoula`s presence is therapeutic. I find she is very compassionate, sweet, mothering and caring. People find peace close to her and the strength to come in peace within themselves. With understanding, she really listens without criticising, helping someone to soften and come in connection with their higher self. Matoula helped me love my verbal expression. When she works with people she is like the mother who gives birth. She extracts the wisdom each person is carrying inside and similarly, she helps others acknowledge and share in life the unknown up until that moment gifts they are carrying inside them. I was carrying the belief I was a burden to others and that others were waiting for me to give something I did not even have. I always feel lighter after each session.”
" " Marina Alexiadi, Astro-Psychology