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” “As the teacher appears, the apprentice is able to recognise his/her own teacher. The apprentice needs to recognise the master to be able to evolve and to gain mastery. Being able to stay fully present at this moment can only produce unlimited positive results. I am suffering from the Gravis syndrome and used to have negative thoughts that I am useless. I learnt to walk the talk after I managed to change my mentality and to be true to my words, not to take anything personally. I have become the observer of my life, have learnt to forgive and to be humble. I am experiencing life with gratitude now. Matoula has been very present and real although we worked a lot through skype and from a distance for a long period of time. I feel that by the moment she has touched my heart there is expected healing that keeps simmering like a volcano producing only miracles. She is an endless active volcano of unlimited healing abilities.” “
Theocharis Belios, Paramedic