The breath is a miraculous purification system for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. So much of life is spent struggling with the effects of the barriers you have built in response to trauma. It begins with your birth and continues to increase through your life experiences.

Breathwork in water is a golden opportunity to break through those inner obstacles that have held you hostage to unfulfilling adapted behaviors and that have kept you from your joy. You can choose to change and your breath is a profound path to open you up…

Why Breathe in the water?

Water is the element of life. Some of the miraculous things it connects: it bears life, sustains it, and evolves it. You were born in water, it prevails in your body. Water is connected with consciousness and has got memory. It is the carrier of primordial intelligence, it creates the structure of DNA and proteins. Water is related to emotions, as they have the strongest impact on it. It responds to the quality of your thoughts and your feelings. The imprint they leave on is carried with water on and on in eternal movement as water constitutes, migrates, and interpenetrates everything. For the same reason, Breathwork in water is very powerful as it releases from your cellular memory all negativity and toxicity no matter where it is coming from. Breathing in the water magnifies the therapeutic effects of the Rebirthing Breathwork process and imprints an unforgettable experience of expansion and growth for you:

• enhance your life skills,
• reduce stress and anxiety,
• help restore balance and
• open up to your potential.

The Rebirthing Breathwork Experience

Rebirthing Breathwork is a unique experience on its own. When conducted in water, hot or cold, it has the power to activate and release any birth trauma experiences. Ultimately, this means that life becomes less toxic, and attracts more love, ease, and serenity.

Hot Water Rebirthing Breathwork addresses the lifelong effects of the actual birth process and the ways it has been imprinted in long-term memory. Your whole reality and manifestation in life are influenced by the birth experience that is responsible for forming your first impressions of the world and for creating the blueprint of your behaviors that are usually negative. Once the negative memories are released, the relationship between your body, mind, and spirit becomes lighter. Similarly, your mentality and the way you feel will have the same impact on your perspective of being part of this world.

Beautiful woman girl dress underwater diving swim blue sunny day
Cold Water Rebirthing Breathwork is the process that addresses the issues of death and fear. The primary concept of death forms mostly but not completely in the womb. By exploring the ways you connect with your own subconscious death urge, you give yourself the opportunity to start unraveling the metaphorical and literal mindset that creates a lack of vitality in your life. Often the effect of this subconscious death urge colors relationships, creates ‘no exit’ situations as well as generates trapped feelings and difficult or stuck emotions.
You Choose…
You have the complete freedom to choose to have your Breathwork session in the comfort of your own private pool, hot tub, or spa, or you might desire to float in the immaculate blue waters of the Aegean Sea. No matter where you enjoy your process, this Rebirthing Breathwork experience will become the first stepping-stone that transforms all of you and all your life.

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“Matoula is a very skilled and charismatic Breathworker with an honourable experience in the field. Discreet, lacking criticism, in integrity as a person and as a therapist, clever and multitalented, she is able to discern the talents and skills and good aspects of others immediately. Humane in all her aspects with her flaws and strong points she has managed to pass beyond the limitations of her own biological and wider family mentality and ancestry, recognising still her roots. She is keeping close her people, investing in her friendships, and she is courageous and dynamic. Her connection with the divine is amazing and she expresses her spirituality in the highest possible way. She knows how to source strength within her own self to overcome difficulties and she is with good manners. I have been knowing Matoula for many years and I get the impression that she easily forgives and that she adjusts in change easily. The more I get to know her I discover she is more and more simple into the way she is. I deeply love and appreciate her in my life.
I was grieving the death of both my parents when I started sessions with her, I was able to feel liberated after that.”

Olympia Prodromaki, Psychiatrist

My subconscious death urge was activated and