Healing is, according to the dictionary, “the restoration to health, becoming well or whole again”. The dictionary defines miracles as “an effect, or extraordinary event manifesting, or considered as a work of God”. The definition for the breath in the dictionary is “air inhaled and exhaled in respiration, necessary to life and vitality”. What happens when you put these three states together?”

Rebirthing Breathwork has the answer…

Let Go of Control

The Rebirthing breathwork technique is natural, not forceful. A heart-based, healing consciousness breathing technique that will introduce profound changes into your life. You don’t need to know or control the outcomes. All you need do is — let it happen.

Fast Forward your Growth

Rebirthing Breathwork side effects: It fast-forwards your awareness and growth over any other technique .A distinctive pathway joining Science and Spirituality for your Healing and Growth.
Rebirthing Breathwork can do so much more to support your wellbeing.

Experience a ‘Whole being’ transformation In Mykonos

Discover the miracles of the Breath in an international high-end holiday island, Mykonos. Enjoy the sun and the Aegean sea and let Rebirthing Breathwork open you up to who you truly are – let your breath purify you and break through the obstacles you have built up that get in the way of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness and wellbeing. Breathe in Mykonos and embrace profound change in your life.


“I feel liberated from my negative belief system after my work with Matoula. I have changed the perspective I look at the world. I`ve learnt to trust the treads, God and the universe and have de-stressed. I like the way Matoula transmits her knowledge and spiritual practices.”
Vasiliki Chalkidou, Teacher
“Matoula is the most energetic women I have met so far. Wow! her laughter is so contagious. It rocks. Her presence lightens up those around her with her sexy, bright, beautiful, sweet eyes and smile. My personal experience with her gave me a very deep impression of her as a very loving, caring woman with lots of wisdom and insight. Her courage and sincerity in changing her life motivates me. She is God sent angel to the world! Love you!”
Mary Chee, Free-lance trainer, Malaysia