Private Rebirthing/Breathwork Sessions


The private Rebirthing Breathwork sessions are tailored-made to your wants and needs to give you the full picture of the “hidden” subconscious areas that prevent you from living a full, healthy, harmonious, prosperous life. The dark shadow of yourself is usually a fearful place within lacking understanding and love. Discovering these places with full support by professionals can be a transformational, life rewarding experience leading to self-mastery. No previous experience is necessary. Breathwork is for beginners as well as for those who have experience. A set of ten private sessions are highly recommended as you go through a full cycle of breakthroughs to discover your true, unique, personal path to empowerment.

The sessions take place in a nurturing, private, and completely safe environment under the guidance of a Rebirthing Breathwork therapist. They entail a deep processing experience along with conscious connected breathing. The breathing involves comfortably resting your body while you are dressed in relaxed clothes. As you feel safer to breath deeper every time, so does your experience become deeper. At this moment, you are able to recognise how your breathing is connected to certain areas in your life that require your attention and love. By simply noticing your breath you will be in a place to gain clarity with your being and of all the changes you are about to make and feel safe to. Change is easier than you think as it happens in the most natural and peaceful way.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Please wear comfortable and relaxed clothing for the sessions.

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“My goal is to find my soul and I want to share how I felt with the work I have done in the past and keep doing with Matoula: it is a liberating process…it is very important for me to feel that I’m not criticised. Not even for a single moment did I feel criticised from my work with Matoula and I feel that gradually I discover all the fragments that I need to complete the picture in the core of my being…I will continue this work…thank you Matoula for being able to look beyond the “masks” and directly in my soul.”
Marina Koureli, Entrepreneur, Aegio, Hellas
“I realised that it was tolerance that was attracting specific patterns in my life. I was following specific behaviours from my childhood being needy and feeling confused. I felt very relieved after the session.”
Avgi Christofi