The Mykonos Wellness Retreat

A treat-retreat for the mind body and soul


Imagine yourself in the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Living in harmony with nature, enjoying vegetarian meals made with love by a local chef, being treated with massages, experience deep healing sessions in amazing natural surroundings overlooking Panormos Bay in Mykonos, Greece…

This retreat is a treat for singles and couples. A combination of spirituality, relaxation, and healing. Nurturing and provocative, challenging and soothing it calls you to feed your soul and every part of your being.
Either 3 or 5 days your participation includes:
*vegetarian meals
*breathwork experience in a group (2 p/p for a 5-day stay, 1 p/p for a 3-day stay)
*a one to one shamanic energy session
*yoga practice
*shamanic fire rituals
*massage (2 p/p. for a 5-day stay and 1 p/p. for a 3-day stay
*Excursion to the ancient Delos island (weather permitting)

This program is tailor-made to suit people that have overworked and or are recovering from any kind of trauma or anyone who wants to take a break to enjoy moments of ultimate nurturing, relaxation and comfort. It gives pleasure to all the senses: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.