Rebirthing Breathwork Live Workshop and Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Under the moonlit night on the beach the LIVE Breathwork group session is taking place.

The theme is dedicated to the full moon completions, everything you want to let go of, and everything you want to fulfill in order to feel you
With Conscious Breathwork you celebrate your true nature and the shaking off of perceptions that oppress and put the sense of Belonging and becoming Successful in the shadows. What needs to be completed in your life so you can become more than you expect, want, or even imagine and feel at home with success? At the end of the cycle of Conscious Breathing, mind, body, soul, and spirit are aligned in the deep inner peace that generously offers its ground for fertilization and nourishment of a healthy and safe environment in which by experiencing these programs you re-set the conditions and parameters of your life.
Trust your breath in a journey of the personal unveiling of your inner voice, soul, and truth.

At the end of the Conscious Breathing workshop, for those who wish to stay, I conduct the Full Moon Fire ceremony, dedicated to the completion and the Eclipse of the Moon – symbolizing all of these that need to eclipse so that you can make way for the new!


  • 50 euros per person for the Breathwork Event
  • FREE participation in the Fire Ritual (11.30 – 12.30 am).

Seats are limited and priority will be given. Registrations 8 September.

Please bring:

  • Towel, something to lie on, pillow, water, blanket, snacks, mosquito repellent

The event is finished.


10 Sep 2022


FREE participation in the Fire Ritual (11.30 - 12.30 am)
20:00 - 23:30






+30 6943655097

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