Online Experiental Breathwork

Conscious Breathing simulates life. The breath speaks about everything I experience and live. The energy that each breath carries gives vital information about the way my life has been built accentuating and externalizing the esoteric dialogue between the levels of my consciousness. Breathwork leads to my connection to the Whole. The Breath itself becomes my teacher, my inner voice. Corrects, rectifies, repents, and forgives in an absolute vacuum of time and space, very realistically, and precisely, in the totality of my presence.

Existence is the supreme principle. She is who she always is. Present, past, and future unite harmoniously through the Breath and transmute what is needed in order for the Soul to materialize what it is destined for.

I offer you the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with the core of your being, listening to your true needs and journeying into exploring the potentiality of your future.

I have created 2 online experiential Breathwork workshops that will take place on different dates:


19.00 – 22.00 GREEK TIME

Participation is accepted with a deposit until 2 days before each event

The event is finished.


27 Nov 2022


19:00 - 22:00

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