Reiki Training

“When I experienced Reiki for the 1st time I felt like I had discovered a new world. As if I woke up from a slumber I didn’t even know I was in. Years of experience after, the process deepens, and the levels of perception change through the continuity of practice, Level after Level. Even then as everything becomes more unique I still find the 1st Level the most fascinating of all…Not because the others are lacking in excitement…more because it has been engraved in me as an awakening experience, with deep respect to all the levels of the Self, honoring the way the very first time of every experience should be like with every rule set in place. This is what made this experience amazingly memorable for me.”
Reiki is the comprehension of the Energy that surrounds, encloses, and creates everything. By understanding the energy of which I am composed, I can also understand the unsolved mysteries of Life, especially of my own.

The process of becoming familiar with this Energy is named Level A. In this Level I have the opportunity to:

  • experiment
  • deepen
  • meditate
  • learn the origins,
  • get to know the history,
  • practice,
  • to learn the myths and truths that follow it,
  • protect my energy levels,
  • utilize it,
  • lay foundations for the following Levels
As in every other Level, A, the first one, consists of four stages, and four initiations. Each initiation completes a stage and when all four are completed, the cycle is complete for Level One. During this time, there is a 21-day detox with abstinence from alcohol/substances, meat and fish.
The benefits of such a process are:
  • the reaping of an experience unique to the expansion of Consciousness and
  • evolutionary of my spirituality,
  • the discharge of negative emotional and mental loads,
  • the learning of a primal art,
  • the practical application of this Wisdom in everyday life,
  • focusing and guiding this focus for my benefit,
  • the apprehension of the diversity of the way I act,
  • the immediacy in the way I connect,
  • the global perception of things,
  • the openness in my heart,
  • the exaltation of my whole Being,
  • the perception of different fields of existence,
  • the recognition of my own inner world and its mechanics.
Things to prepare:
  • a yoga mat,
  • a blanket,
  • a cushion
  • comfortable clothes,
  • warm socks (I enter the space without shoes)
Express your interest until January 10th

The event is finished.


16 Jan 2023


All Day


Kastella, Piraeus
Thrasivoulou 13, Kastella (1st floor)


+30 6943655097