Online workshop

Βιωματικό πρόγραμμα


The Breathwork technique s based on the power of conscious breathing.
Facilitated by an expert, your breathing mechanism turns into an uplifting tool that benefits the whole spectrum of the self:
the Physical – Emotional – Mental – Psychological and Spiritual.
Your facilitator`s expertise will guide you on a unique journey within yourself that can lead to:
stress relief
clarity on issues that concern you
redefine the thoughts that have brought about certain negative effects on your life
deep connection with yourself and with others
certainty about your direction and decisions in life
a sense of wholeness and general health
This three-hour workshop aims to inform and empirically prove that health is the result of an integrated set of systems in balance. It aims to inspire holistic health. Light is within yourself and the healthier we you are, the more it shines bright, illuminating and inspiring others around you.
For the online workshop you will need to:
* wear comfortable clothing
* be in a private environment
* have a good and stable connection to the internet.
* have water near you
* have handkerchiefs within your reach
* have a blanket next to you
Find a place that gives you privacy where you can lie down with your computer camera or cellphone open and focused.
You will be sent a link to the Zoom call – prepare your computer or phone for it by downloading the application.
20 Euros p/p
Please confirm your reservation .
Matoula is available for individual online Breathwork, Soul Cup Reading, Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Channeling & Aura Cleanse sessions upon appointment.
They once asked a teacher of the east what the meaning of life is. His answer was “To stay alive”.
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