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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese Self Awareness method. The method is based on the use of spiritual and energy techniques that are heart centred and connect the individual to Source.

A Reiki Session

In a Reiki session the person lies down, fully clothed. The therapist might (or not) place his/her hands on key-places on the body in order to flow energy to the person. This action is channelling the universal energy into the being of the receiver

The therapist does this in order to be guided to, understand, and identify any emotional, physical, spiritual or mental blockages that might be occurring in the person’s life.

As the energy flows through during a session:

• it re-energises any areas that are “stagnant”
• indicates areas that need attention
• it soothes and calms the emotional and mental levels as well as the physical
• it channels any information that are important for the individual

Benefits of Reiki

During an individual session, you have the time and space to:

• pay attention to the channelling of a lot of useful information.
• connect with his/her body, mind, emotions and spirituality.
• surrender to relaxation

Given in a proper way and received gracefully it can be a great tool for transformation, relaxation, health, balance and spiritual awareness. Each individual`s esoteric journey is a unique experience and every session is unique itself.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

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I have been working with Rebirthing sessions with Matoula and I have also been initiated in Reiki A Level by both of her. My work with Matoula for three years now has totally changed my life! Her energy and aura are so bright and just spending time with her can be a life changing experience! I trust her completely, I love her dearly and thank her for all their Services to me!

Paschalia Kasidou, Store & Sales Manager, Alexandroupoli, Hellas

“I was depressed and under psychiatric care. I was and still am in medication. Back then with suicidal thoughts after a big love disappointment. I worked over my subconscious death urge and uplifted myself in life. When I emerged, I fell in love again and now I am with a brand new loving fiancee.”

Vicky Grouba, Employee