Kythnos – the mystical hideaway retreat​ 2022

Kythnos - the mystical hideaway retreat

Our dear friends,
with a travelling mood and enthusiasm we organize our new excursion with the intention of uplifting and rejuvenation, interpersonal contact with each other, connection with nature and our own being! We meet just a breath away from Athens, at Kythnos island 8-10 of April and 28-30 of October, in a wellness workshop with a combination of Breathwork, Yoga and Energy practices (shamanic rituals).

Hostesses and companions in this isolated and absolutely Cycladic place will be Matoula Piskopani  Miracles of Breath and Eva Kokkori Yoga For Good. We want to breathe and “fill” ourselves with the energy of the Cycladic sun, the Aegean blue and all the elements of nature that will be at the absolute zenith of the spring renaissance! You will have plenty of time for exploration, rest and quality time for YOU. The group will be small and participants up to 7 people.

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Sneak preview of this magical place Energy flows from everywhere!

The event is finished.


08 - 10 Apr 2022


All Day

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